Posted 8/30/2021 Ref # 113

2022 Spring Season Schedule

Our Spring 2022 has concluded.  Stay tuned for 2023 information.

Posted 7/6/2020 Ref # 108

Adult Participation Insurance Waiver

All players MUST sign this insurance waiver prior to participating in any of the league sessions.  Please sign and send to the League Secretary, Elizabeth, if you plan to attend sessions at

It is helpful for our administration and organization, if you can sign this document upfront regardless of when you will be attending sessions.  Even if you are unsure if you are going to attend, it would be helpful to receive them and file them in advance.  This document is required by BC Soccer under their insurance policy.

Thank you!

Posted 2/10/2020 Ref # 105

New Player Introduction Package

The enclosed document was prepared with new players in mind.  We hope you find this information useful!

If you have any questions, you can contact our Player Coordinator or President on the Contact Us page.

Posted 9/1/2019 Ref # 103

League Constitution, Bylaws and Operating Rules

All players registered for the North Shore Thirty Something Women's Soccer League should be familiar with our Constitution, Bylaws and Operating Rules.  This version of the document was updated at the May 6, 2019 League AGM.

Posted 6/3/2019 Ref # 12

Photos for our Gallery!

Check out our Gallery page and follow instructions for submitting your photos. All submissions should be regular-size jpeg files and should be titled with team name or description.