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The BC Soccer Website seeks to offer an eclectic mix of current local, national and international soccer news, views and information from a British Columbia perspective as well as links to a wide variety of soccer resources with a British Columbia focus.
BC Soccer Association
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North Shore Girls Soccer Club
The Sea to Sky Women's Soccer Association is dedicated to providing the game of soccer to women ages 17 and over in the communities of Pemberton, Whistler and Squamish.
Training Camps

Footskills Soccer is a year round development program that helps players understand the game of soccer. My philosophy is to build on base skills and work towards keeping the ball, creativity and nurture good decision making. My goal is to support the “complete player”. Being a complete player requires you to be strong and confident in your technical ability, keeping the ball close, and requires a tactical understanding of the game that is not robotic but creative and imaginative. At Footskills, we strive to teach the importance of keeping the ball, distributing with purpose, and making smart unpredictable decisions. We coach all level of players, forming groups with like minded player mentality. Player assessments are done on a regular basis with feedback given to parents and players. Our feedback will include how the players development is progressing, report on areas of strength and weakness, and offer suggestions on how we will support them as they move forward as players.
Womens Only Soccer Camps is a shining example of the good that comes from providing programs catering to women. Our program offerings are geared to the recreational athlete who is learning the sport of soccer and those more seasoned athletes wanting to grow and advance their fitness and skill. Our resources are and have always been dedicated to Women. The impact has been two-fold, not only do our participants accomplish their own personal goals and join community programs and increase their confidence and skill but often women feel more comfortable to volunteer in coaching & managing roles for youth and adult programs.
Location of Whiting Sheds

Location of whiting sheds for North Vancouver Playing Fields.
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Recreation is vital to the overall health and wellness of our community. The North Vancouver Recreation Commission is committed to “creating an active community with spirit” by providing accessible, inclusive and diverse leisure opportunities.