Active Players

Active Players

You are an active player if you have played in either one or both of the past 2 seasons: Fall & Winter 2017-18 and/or Spring & Summer 2017 OR if you are a Returning Player that has just been "reinstated" through the re-application process.  

You will have a Player Profile for each season you registered for in the past 12 months. In other words, if you played in both the Fall & Winter and Spring & Summer seasons, you will have 2 separate Player Profiles. This is how our website system works. It keeps track of players by season. If you did not play in either of the past 2 seasons, please go to the Returning Players tab on this web page.

As an active player (or "reinstated" active player), you will have an active login account and can register online by clicking on the link below.

If you don't have a Spring & Summer profile already, select "Register a Player". Your team name will appear as "Unassigned" on the Registration form. Shortly after you complete your registration online, your new Fall & Winter Player Profile will be updated by the Registrar to your correct team name.

If you wish to transfer to a different team, or to a different Age Division, please follow the instructions in the Transfer Request tab on this web page.

Please note, you are not eligible to register if you are registered, or you plan to register, with another team that is under the jurisdiction of the British Columbia Soccer Association (BC Soccer), unless you have a written permit from BC Soccer as per Rule 5(g) of the BC Soccer Rules and Regulations.

Click here for online registration