Age/Residence & Photo

Age/Residence photo & Concussion Policy

If you are NEW TO THE LEAGUE, AND approved to a team by the Player Coordinator, you will have been emailed a specific link to login and register as a new player. However, your official registration will not be completed until the following is delivered or emailed to the Registrar:  

a)  Proof of age and residency

Please provide a copy of your BC Driver's License, or similar ID, which states both your date of birth and home address.
Players must be at least the age of 30 by the end of the soccer season in which they first join.
Players must reside on the North Shore, as defined by the area from, and including, Whistler to Deep Cove. 
b)  Head shot picture of yourself  (for your Player Card)
Email a cropped jpeg file to the Registrar.
Please mail or email the above to:
North Shore Thirty-Something Women's Soccer League (NSTSWSL)
PO Box 75527
North Vancouver, BC
V7R 2N0

 NSTSWSL Concussion Management Plan


1.       Upon registration each year, players must review the Concussion Guidelines for Athletes sheet detailing the signs and symptoms of concussions, and must acknowledge that they have received this information and have a responsibility to report concussion-related injuries and illnesses to a licensed medical professional and to NSTSWSL.

2.       Players who exhibit signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion shall be removed from NSTSWSL athletic activities (e.g. game, practice, conditioning) and be assessed by a licensed medical professional with experience in the evaluation and management of concussions.

3.       A player diagnosed with a concussion shall obtain medical clearance from a licensed medical professional before returning to NSTSWSL athletic activities. 

4.       A player's return to play will follow the step by step guide provided by BC Soccer Head Injuries & Concussions, under the oversight of a licensed medical professional.

More information:

Coaches and managers should review the online Making Headway Concussion eLearning Series - Soccer Module - located at:

The SCAT 3 download is available online for all coaches, managers and players.  All will be encouraged to download the SCAT3 app to their mobile device.

For further guidance please refer to BC Soccer, including the information resource Players Health - Head Injuries & Concussions: