Returning from Absence

Returning from Absence

If you wish to return to the league after not playing for 2 consecutive seasons, you are considered a lapsed player and you must FIRST complete an online Returning Player Application form. Your prior login account may have expired.  

Your completed application will be automatically forwarded to the Waitlist Coordinator and Registrar.

Until you are formally placed on a team, you are considered a Waitlisted Player and not yet eligible to register.

However, if you request to return back to your former team, and your team and the Waitlist Coordinator approve, you can be immediately "streamlined" back onto that team. (Streamlining is explained in the Team Placement tab on this web page).

Once you have been approved to a team, you will be advised that your login has been reactivated. You will then be able to register online as a "reinstated" Active Player.