Team Placement

Team Placement

The Waitlist Coordinator places individuals on teams as soon as she can, and as accommodatingly as she can, subject to the following rules of our league's Constitution:  

A waitlisted person can be "streamlined" on to a team she specifically requests as long as that team agrees to take her on as a permanent player. Otherwise, she will be offered the next available placement.


Except for streamlined players, all temporary and permanent positions will be filled by players in the order in which they were placed on the waitlist.


Any person on the waitlist will be informed of the status (temporary or permanent) of the team position that is being offered.


Any person who has been on the waitlist for one full season will be placed on a team prior to any streamlined player.


Acceptance of a temporary position on a team does not render a player ineligible from accepting a permanent position on that team or any other team that might become available.


A player that accepts a temporary position on a team maintains her position on the waitlist for a permanent position.


Teams must accept the first available applicant to their temporary or permanent position.


A player from the waitlist who is willing to play as a goalkeeper can be placed on a team out of waitlist order but that player must play goalkeeper for one year. If this player wishes to play a position other than goalkeeper prior to the expiration of one year such player must go back to her original position on the waitlist.


Priority for player placement will be given first to teams that have fewer players than the minimum number required by the League and then to teams in the order in which requests have been received by the Waitlist Coordinator.


Placement of a waitlisted person is also subject to the rule that each League team can have no more than 3 players who have played a Division 1 or higher Division of soccer within the past 5 years.